Frequently asked questions

Will I earn commission on traffic other than your Promotional Countries?

Yes! As per our Reward Plans, you will earn commission, or even CPAs, from traffic referred from a range of different targeted countries. Contact our Affiliate Program Manager to discuss your potential commission or CPAs.

What are the criteria for being approved once having applied to become an affiliate?

We encourage - and handsomely reward - affiliates who have a high percentage of traffic from certain specified countries. Affiliates who are based in our specific targeted countries are also welcome. Contact our Affiliate Program Manager to find out which countries are currently being targeted.

Do you have plans to target other markets in the future?

Yes! Plans are already in place to add other casino clients in the near future. These products will be developed with specific countries in mind and the Reward Plans will be tailored to reflect the focus of these casino clients.

How do I change to the CPA Reward Plan?

After the initial 3 month New Affiliate Offer (which you can read more about here), Reward Plans will be discussed and decided on a case-by-case basis. Needless to say, the aim will be to reach a mutually beneficial result; be it Commission, CPA or hybrid-based.

What does your casino clients’ above the line campaigns encompass?

The casino clients, Grand Reef, African Palace and Indio, have spent large sums of money on branding campaigns in various targeted markets. All campaigns are geared at building brand awareness and loyalty in the specific markets. Based on past experience, these types of campaigns lead to greater conversion and retention rates. Campaigns include various media such as television, radio, billboards and other forms of traditional media.

Should you not find the answer to your question here, please contact us with our question.